Reviews: The Hundred Years’ War

We’ve had some wonderful feedback from audiences about The Hundred Years’ War. Please see below for a selection of responses:

ManchesterPhotography by Graeme Braidwood


“Understated, but perfectly judged – and beautifully if simply staged – The Hundred Years’ War is one of the finest examples of poetry in performance I have ever encountered.”
Simon Rae

” I liked it a lot. It was hard, very hard at times, but also beautiful and necessary”.
Chris O’Connell, Artistic Director, Theatre Absolute

“I just wanted to say that I thought it was brilliant. It was more than I expected and would definitely see more of the same. Congratulations to all concerned”.
Eric Gaskell, Rugby

“The 100 Years War. Brilliant poetry, evocatively read and thoughtfully produced”.
via Twitter: @ericgaskell1957

“Have spent hours trying to describe this. Go see #thehundredyearswar. That is all. Wait. Coventry Belgrade now, touring next. That is all”.
William Gallagher via Twitter: @WGallagher

“I found The Hundred Year’s War gripping. What struck me immediately was the absolute silence in the auditorium as the poems were performed. I found myself holding my breath, as I’m sure others were too. I only knew a small proportion of the work represented so the event introduced me to many wonderful new poems that touched or shocked or enlightened me. I thought the production and performance were brilliant – the works brought to life through sensitive interpretation and the inventive visual and auditory elements of the staging. The wide range of both era and perspectives was fascinating and thought provoking. I’m still mulling this morning and feel I will be for some time! Simply brilliant”.
Judith Allnatt, Novelist, Northamptonshire

“I was going to say thoroughly enjoyable – but ‘enjoyable’ may not be the right word for the poetry of war. It was thoroughly worth seeing: thoughtful and thought-provoking. Sensitively done and the intimate space within Belgrade theatre made it all very engaging. Another good collaboration between Midland Creative Projects and Bloodaxe Books”.
Geoff Bateson, Birmingham

“I attended the performance on Saturday afternoon in Coventry and was extremely impressed with the high standard of the production. Congratulations to everyone involved; the acting and stage imagery created a memorable experience”.
Tony Skipper, Coventry