‘Beyond the Water’s Edge’ (2016-2017)

Beyond the Water's EdgeWe loved Beyond the Water’s Edge, and thought it  a fascinating theatrical experience with terrific actors and stagecraft. Each of the poems was new to us, but told a moving and memorable story. Everyone should see the show. – Helen Cross

Poems that weren’t written for the stage are given fresh life in this finely-judged and sensitively performed piece of theatre. Beyond the Water’s Edge is a moving and beautifully-realised production that brings to its poetry the human presence of gesture, voice, music and figure, in an evocative and immersive experience. – Gregory Leadbetter

I thoroughly enjoyed Beyond the Water’s Edge. I found it inspiring, engaging and a joy to watch. The music really complemented the poetry and both the music and the performers bought each poem to life beautifully. It was amusing and dramatic, a great way to spend a Friday evening.  – Joanne Penn

Beyond the Water’s Edge is a real celebration of poetry in its many forms.
The cast of three are so talented and engaging, they hold the audience’s
attention from start to finish. It’s a perfect mix of verse, music, pace and
humour. – Ann Evans

This timely production of poetry in translation was  beautifully performed by three actors who conveyed the contrasting messages not only faultlessly but with impeccable timing, highlighting occasional humour or poignancy to equally good effect.  Each actor  sensitively accompanied poems with a particular musical instrument, movingly supporting the mood of each piece, yet there was no sense either of ‘bittiness’ nor of the music taking over, and the pace was pitched so that we could ponder what had just been said yet not miss the move forward to the next theme.  The set and lighting were also well-planned to enhance the mood of each poem.  Despite a considerable amount of theatre and concert-going, I have never experienced a show of this kind, yet it was incredibly powerful – a sense of wholeness being created without the need for a plot in the conventional sense.  I was thoroughly blown away by the whole piece.  It deserves to reach many more audiences. – Stella Thebridge

Beyond the Water’s Edge was an intimate and moving dramatic experience, quite unique in its presentation of poetry in performance. Words, music and lighting worked brilliantly in harmony to create and sustain an atmosphere, and the performers/readers were uniformly excellent. – Brian Gambles

A wonderfully immersive experience that nourishes and stimulates the soul. The subtle musical elements reinforce the tone without distorting the message and leave you feeling enriched. – Garrie Fletcher

Another excellent event from Bloodaxe. Director Steve Byrne and his team clearly understand that the presentation of poetry should be entertaining. I would readily queue up for one of these performances every month. No dull readings, no monotone deliveries; actors on stage, poems that are alive – surely the way forward. Why aren’t there more? – John Naughton

I loved the show, almost fooled by its gentle pace, it got right under my skin. I was thinking about it for days afterwards: haunting, powerful stuff. – Amanda Smyth