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The Hundred Years’ War, 2014 – 2015

Photography by Graeme Braidwood

The Hundred Years' War5

“A stunning performance – simply done, yet so atmospheric. I felt I’d experienced something very real: human emotion up close”.
Audience member

Jill, Zach, arms raisedMiriam

“A great evening: sensitively produced, brilliantly acted and staged with an authentic simplicity that brings the poems to life without detracting from them as works of art in their own right”.
Audience member

JillMiriam centre stage cropped(2)

“Brilliant poetry, evocatively read and thoughtfully produced”.
Eric Gaskell, Rugby

The women say2Jill

“’The acting, visual and auditory sensory input was brilliant. Something for all the senses, appeals to non-poets”.
Audience member

Zach and Miriam cropped (2)Miriam and Zach

“Condensed. Essential. Straight to the core”.
Audience member

Zach centre stageZach with letter


Being Human, 2013

Photos by Graeme Braidwood.
Barratt BH5

“What a moving, powerful and beautiful show!”
Amanda Smyth, Leamington Spa

BH 1

“Imaginative, convincing, engaging, a new way of presenting poems that really does work for all ages.”
Alastair McLachlan, Uppingham Theatre

BH 4

“Being Human’ is a stunning show that not only tells us of the range of a human life in poetry: its joys and losses, its origin and ending but also brings poetry to glorious life as a performance. A moving, thought provoking, must see piece of theatre.”
Judith Allnatt, Northampton

BH 7

“Being Human is a great piece of theatre with a big heart, and an even bigger mission, one that it seems to be succeeding in. I can’t recommend it more highly.”
Read more of Al Davison’s review here.

BH 14

“…it was so good. Perfectly polished performances, wise choices in the work and elegantly done.”
Deborah Alma, Ludlow

BH 2

“It is beautifully put together…”

Gregory Leadbetter, Birmingham (and read more in Greg’blog)

BH 9

“Great show. Don’t miss it! Great poetry. Great performances.”
Campbell Perry, Warwick

BH 11

“I would highly recommend this play to anyone and commend the production for its impact and inspirational values that transcend poetry back to where it belongs – to ALL of us”.

Read all of Antony Owen‘s review of Being Human here.

Changing Lives, 2007

changing lives (32)

changing lives (11)

changing lives (1)

changing lives (34)

Being Alive, 2003

Being Alive 2003